Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

Choose us for humidifier installation services in Liberty & Independence, MO and the surrounding areas

Dry air can irritate your sinuses and encourage the spread of germs. If you suffer from allergies, a humidifier installation can help alleviate some of the symptoms. Trust Rushing Heating & Cooling, LLC for humidifier installation services in the Liberty & Independence, MO area. Once we've installed your new equipment, we can advise you on how to keep your humidity at the ideal level. We can also install dehumidifiers.

Worried about the spread of airborne viruses? Ask about UV light purifiers. Contact us today to schedule our services.

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Duct repairs can make your air more breathable

If you notice an unusual amount of dust in your home, you likely need air duct repairs. Reach out to us if:

You smell mold or a musty scent
Your allergies have suddenly worsened
Your heating or cooling is uneven

We can determine if the issue is caused by your air ducts. Call us today at 816-599-0621 if you think you need air duct repairs.